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tv   Fox 5 Morning News at 425am  FOX  May 21, 2012 4:25am-5:00am EDT

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good morning, everyone. it is monday, may 21st, 2012. we are kicking your morning off with a look at the u.s. capitol dome. humidity is kind of high. temperatures in the 60s right now. we'll see what we have in store for the day. i'm sarah simmons. >> i'm will thomas. welcome to fox 5 morning news. let's get a quick look at weather as we begin our monday morning. tucker, you guess it was a gorgeous weekend. now, some changes perhaps, right? >> you said it, will. yesterday, lots of sunshine, beautiful day. today, the clouds have moved in. we have agot scattered showers
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to start your morning. you will probably want an umbrella and a few extra minutes on the way to work because there are some light showers and even some mist out there. we have an area of lop along the mouth of the chesapeake bay and it will bring some shower activity up. you will see the motion just to the south and east of us. we'll see some on again, off again rain showers for your morning commute. temperature right now at reagan national is 67 degrees. tax my word for it. humidity up. lotle of clouds out there. our high temperatures today in the mid-70s with mostly cloudy skies and showers or perhaps a thunderstorm back in the forecast. not going to rain all day. -- lots of clouds out there. >> montgomery county police are investigating an apparent murder-suicide in silver spring. police arrived at an apartment on colgate way yesterday to
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investigation a missing person report. inside, they found a 49-year- old man and his 39-year-old wife both dead. police say there was a suicide note in the apartment but they haven't revealed the content of that note. the mother of trayvon martin talked at a church yesterday. sybrina fulton talked about how she is coping with her son's death and the support she has received. fulton told reporters that her tulalip to baltimore and other cities are for all young -- that her trip to baltimore and other cities are for all young people. the first day of the summit was dominated by the timetable for pulling out of afghanistan. today, they are talking about how to pay for the mission and also discussing the european missile defense. outside the summit, protesters clashed with police. forty-five were arrested and four officers were hurt. the former libyan
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intelligence officer found guilty of the 1988 lockerbie bombing is dead. he lost his bat toll prostate cancer yesterday. he was convicted of killing 243 passengers and 16 crew members. most of the people he killed in the midair attack over scotland were americans. the music world has lost another star. almost seems like a daily headline these days. robin gibb of the bee gees has passed away. >> the trio is possibly best known for the disco era. >> reporter: a founding member of the hit pop group the bee gees has died. >> we wanted to take a moment to pause and remember robin gibb. >> reporter: robben begin gibb
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passed away sunday. -- robin gibb passed away sunday. the band's name was short for brothers gibb. they were best known for their songs on the feature sound track. it fee you ared how deep is your love, staying alive and many more. their music came to epitomize the disco era and they're efforts on the sound track represented the pinnacle of their career. they sold more than 200 million records. their hard work landed the trio into the rock and roll hall of fame in 1997:00 he is survived way his second wife and four children along with his older brother barry. he was 62 years old. >> sad it see another one go in
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the music industry. >> we will be hum those songs all day. >> i know. we still have plenty more ahead. >> fox 5 morning news at 4:30 starts right now. good morning. it is monday, may 21st. a live look outside right now. you might see a few raindrops coming down but you will also notice it is another warm, warm day. good morning and thank you for joining us. i'm will thomas. >> i'm sarah simmons. let's say hello to tucker barnes and get the latest on your weather for today. it was nice over the weekend and now everything is changing this week. >> in fact, showers and storms back in the forecast for the time being. next couple of days, kind of on again, off again. >> at least we still have the heat. >> not going to be what it was in weekend. >> take it away, sir. >> i'll take it away. radar will show you the shower activity and most of it is very light. there is a little mist here in the city. you can see just to the south,
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we have more showers, more numerous showers down towards waldorf, crossing the bay out are to potomac, dale city, manassas. we'll see if these pop up in the region. area of low pressure across the chesapeake bay and it is just sitting there spinning this morning. we'll see some showers pop up. lots of clouds around and a cooler day than yesterday with highs expected to only be in the low to mid-70s. it won't get terribly warm today. right now, it is not bad. humidity, 87%. forecast for today, lots of clouds around. the showers and storms later today will be in the mid-70s. couple of thunderstorms possible later today as well. >> that is frightening that the clouds are green. >> don't like that look. >> usual only see that around st. patty's day. let's say hello to julie
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wright. >> a wet start to the commute. construction is blocking the inner loop, the ramp to the beltway. lanes are open here at the 14th street bridge. all lanes are open outer loop of the beltway working your way past colville road. wipers getting a workout this morning. a little drizzle coming in on my commute from gaithersburg. 207 in good shape coming in practice gain and making your way out to the lane divide -- from gaithersburg and making your way out to the lane divide. this is 6-year-old javon brown, last seen yesterday on columbia road near 13th street northwest. he was last wearing a green t- shirt, blue jeans and red and black shoes. montgomery county police are investigating the apparent murder-suicide of a couple in silver spring.
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a 49-year-old man and his 39- year-old wife were found dead in their apartment on colgate way yesterday after police arrived to investigate a missing person report. detectives say they discovered a suicide note but have yet to release the content of the note or who wrote it. two teenagers accused of shooting at a rockville metro station will be in court today. fox 5's melanie alnwick is live outside the station with our update. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. 17-year-old tavares harris and 16-year-old kevin wipe spent the weekend in jail. police arrested kevin wynn at a shell gas station where police say he fled after shooting two other teens at the rockville metro station around 2:30 friday afternoon. one victim, appear 1-year-old female was an innocent bystander. the other, a 16-year-old male police say was the intended target. investigators believe the two
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were involved in an ongoing dispute with the 16-year-old victim. both of those teens who were shot are expected to be okay. police arrested tavares harris at another location late friday night. both are being held without bond. they are charged with many, many counts here, attempted first degree murder, conspiracy to exit first degree murder, use of a firearm in commission of a violent felony and some very serious charges these two young men are facing. they will have a bond hearing in court this morning. back to you. >> thank you. the mother of trayvon martin got a rousing ovation when she spoke at a baltimore church yesterday. sybrina fulton shared how she is coping with her son's death. the church's founder says he wanted her to speak. fulton says she has received overwhelming support from people in baltimore. >> we had no knowledge and no clue about how many people were supporting us and how many
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people had felt the same way that we felt. so it is just overwhelming just to see how many people are this affected. >> martin's shooting death in february sparking an outcry. george zimmerman is charged with second degree murder and released on bond. on bond. protesters and bomb threats at the nato summit in chicago. a huge crowd of protesters streamed into downtown chicago on the first day of the nato summit in the windy city. police arrested 45 of the thousands who hit the streets to protest. inside the summit, the focus was on the future of afghanistan as the alliance plans to ended war by the end of 2014. >> we'll meet to chart the next phase of the transition in afghanistan. just as we've sacrificed together for our common security, we will stand
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together united in our determination to complete this mission. >> away from the downtown clashes, police arrested two men allegedly seeking to build pipe bombs and stockpile molotov cocktails. three others were also accused of planning an attack on president obama's campaign headquarters. the form are libyan intelligence officer convicted of bombing pan am flight 103 back in 1988 is dead. he died yesterday from prostate cannes are. of his found guilty of killing 270 people in that attack. most of the victims were american. he was released from a scottish prison after being diagnosed with cancer nearly three years ago. ago. otherrer toies making headlines, d.c. councilman marion barry says he is recovering from a blood clot that he received while waiting on a plane over the weekend. he wrote on twitter that it was caught and he is taking blood thinners for it. he also used the opportunity
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for make aends in where w. asian nurses writing: writing: -- to make amends with asian nurses writing: a prince george's county police officer is accused of drunk driving. police say officer daniel gonzalez was in his marked cruiser when he was involved in an accident in bladensburg. he was off-duty at the time and no one was hurt. gonzalez is a six-year vet van of the police department. a deadly scene in italy, one of worst earthquakes there in hundreds of years. >> we'll get the latest on the devastation as we check more headlines. 
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so you a blind chinese activist is settling into life in new york city. he arrived in the u.s. on saturday after nearly a month- long diplomatic battle. he will attend new york university. he was beaten and tortured by chinese authorities for his work advocating against the country's one birth policy and forced abortions. chen's story has been virtually ignored in china. in italy, crews continue digging through the rubble searching for survivors after a strong earthquake rocked northern italy. the u.s. gee lodge we'll sur-- geological survey says the epicenter was about 20 miles north of bologna. this tornado touched down in kansas just west of kingman
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over the weekend. so far, no word of any injuries. president obama delivering a commencement speech this morning at a missouri high school that was destroyed in the worst tornado in the u.s. in 60 years. it hit the city of joplin one year ago tomorrow. 161 people died including two high school students. many are expected to participate in a walk of unity along the storm's path on tomorrow's anniversary. iversar bee geez fans are mourning the death of robin gibb. the group formed in 1960. they had dozens of hit songs over several decades including ones from the megaselling saturday night fever sound track. that was all during the disco era. robin gibb was 62 years old. up next, the moon passing in front of the sun t created
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this dramatic effect. >> you couldn't see it in your region but there is another way to check it out. >> that ring of fire is cool. showers moving through the area. they are very light with the exception of just to the south of the city. julie wright has a look at traffic too coming up after the break. break. q what's my secret for sunday lunch? my little helpers...
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welcome back. it is 4:45 right now. we are taking a live look over northwest d.c. this morning. and your eyes are not tricking you here. you will notice a little bit of moisture on the roadways out there this morning. so tucker, are we going to have some rain today? what's going on? >> that one is an easy one to forecast. big turnaround from jed and saturday when we had just beautiful weather around here. kind of interesting. an area of low pressure off to the south and east and it is spinning up some moisture off the atlantic. bottom line, a lot of clouds and a few showers and storms. >> coming off a gorgeous weekend, i bet few people will complain. >> it looks like things will turn sunny again for the end of the week, jut in time for the holiday weekend. >> let's do it. radar showing you the shower activity. it is generally light.
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the radar is not doing a good job of picking it up because it is so light in spots. we have some fairly well organized showers here. looks like it is just rain showers just south of washington here so as you get down 95, dale city, alexandria, you are getting some rain showers. manassas, it won't be long before you get some as well. some hit and miss showers at 50 up to the north and east towards beltsville getting in light showers as well. showers back in the forecast for your morning commute. it is not widespread. just kind of here and there as we watch this area of low pressure not well organized by the way. let's push on to the next map. not well organized right here in the mouth of the chesapeake bay, just spinning here and allowing some moisture to get thrown here back to the washington area. we are starting to get a good plume of moisture. some of this will be pushing back to the north and west for our monday. tropical storm alberto, we got
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our first named storm of the year. it is down across the carolinas. it will zip back to sea. it won't impact us directly. but it is a little early this season as our hurricane soap doesn't officially start until june 1st. -- hurricane season doesn't officially start until june 1st. quantico at 73 degrees. 67 in leonardtown. it will feel sort of humid out there. temperatures won't be too bad. 75 today. just not as warm as this weekend. mostly cloudy skies. scattered showers and storms in the forecast. showers stick around tonight. 63, most hi cloudy, chance of some showers overnight. again, 40, 50% chance of showers. it won't be a drenching rain throughout the day and the nighttime hours. it sticks around for a couple of days. this area of low pressure just me anders. i think will kick it out of here by friday and then we'll
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start to heat things up. highs expected to be in the mid- to upper volunteer around here for the beginning of your holiday weekend by saturday and sunday. let's do some traffic and julie wright has got your latest. junior high schoolie, great big good morning. >> good morn -- julie, great big good morning. >> good morning, tucker. on the roads, you will find the wet pavement that tucker was talking about. our cameras looking through the raindrops can see that traffic is flowing freely in spite of the fact that we are dealing with wet pavement on the outer loop. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. imetraffic.
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>> thank you. did you see it? the so-called ring of fire eclipse blazing across the sky last night? >> millions of people in asia and the we were united states were able to watch. here it is the rare solar eclipse above the utah skies late yesterday afternoon. looks like something out of avatar. now, we couldn't see it in our region but you were able to watch it live online. our expert sky guy, greg redfern explained why it is called the ring of fire. it happened last night on fox 5 news at 10:00 with maureen. >> what we have in this eclipse thes the new moon is not able to cover the sun. two weeks later, it is farther away from the earth so it can't cover the entire sun so we get that ring of fire around the sun. >> something else cool is happening. tell us about something
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involving venus. >> in two weeks, two weeks from tuesday, june 5th, we'll have another visitor crossing the sun. that will be the planet venus will transit the sun. we will be able to see it. i'm trying to work something with sue palka to cover it for everybody. >> this eclipse, we haven't seen it since i think 1994. >> 1994. >> it won't happen again until 2023. >> the next total solar eclipse, 2017. we'll do a live shot out there for that one. >> i'm thinking we should. >> if you would like another hook at the ring of fire, head over to sky and or follow greg redfern's blog. there is a link on our web site, just search for sky guy. >> very cool. >> very special. >> all eyes to the sky also if a milestone mission to the
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international space station. >> three, two, one, zero and liftoff. we have had a cutoff. >> it did not go as planned. details of a false start as we continue. time now 4:51. 
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welcome back all of the private rocket company will try again after the spacex rocket launch was aborted over the weekend. >> as keith landry explains, the mission was aborted with less than a second to spare. >> three, two, one, zero, and liftoff. we've had a cutoff. liftoff did not occur. >> the launch aborted with one half second to spare, a stunner
4:54 am
on the launchpad early saturday morning at the cape canaveral station. >> we've hay launch abort. >> spacex was trying to show the world the commercial rocket company could launch its falcon nine rocket on a trip to the international space station. >> the engine control are noted high chamber pressure in engine five. software did what it was supposed to do, aborted engine five. >> reporter: the other eight engines were working perfectly at the time the launch was aborted. engineers spent saturday afternoon examining engine five on the launchpad. >> we need to lift off with all nine which is why we aborted. you can lose up to two engines appears still make your mission, just not at liftoff. >> there was a similar glitch with the same engine five in a previous test. she says spacex will move forward with plans to send the falcon 9 and its drag on capsule into space. >> this is not a failure. we aborted with purpose. it would be a failure if we
4:55 am
were to have lifted off with an engine trending in this direction. >> the addition see scwens had started but there was a cutoff. >> big disappointment but you want to get it right. -- the addition sequence has started but there was a cut off. we all knew steven strasbourg could hit but would knew he was a slugger. will show you how he hit one into the stands. >> sports coming up next. hey, i'm joey aragon. see that film? people call me about this every day. my dishwasher must be broken. you know, it's not always the machine. it may be the detergent. add finish power up to boost your detergent and you'll see a huge difference. watch what it can do.
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sports now. the nats and orioles wrapped up the battle of the beltway this is weekend. bryce harper got the nationals within a run with a two-run triple. stephen strasbourg went five innings allowing three runs but did help his own cause. he followed a home run with liz
4:58 am
first career homer. the nats avoid the three-game sweep with the 9-3 win. >> i didn't think it was going out. turnpikically, where swinging in bp, we are we have to swing a lot harder to hit it out. you hit it in the right part, it will go out. >> i didn't expect him to hit a breaking ball. -- typically, we're winging in bp, we have to swing a lot harder to hit it out. russia taking on slovakia. alexander ovechkin to alexander semin for the goal. russia defeats slovakia 6-2 to capture the world hockey championship. another highlight for robt
4:59 am
earth griffin iii. he posed for his rookie trading card over the weekend. he talked about being in the nfl. >> pretty cool. you grow up collecting the cards and looking at them. it is a special thing. any time you put on the jersey, you know that team really believes in you because they drafted you. you get a chance to play for mike shanahan, the coach i watched growing up, it is special. to horse racing now, we are 2/3 of wait to having our first triple crown winner since 1978. >> if you missed the race, here is the call as the horses came down the home stretch. >> i'll


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